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...plays silly instruments and writes songs - some silly, some sweet

OK, I did a song called THE CANDIDATE that was picked

up by the media. It’s on facebook, too.

If you wish to download it, here it is. But I ask you please, READ my motivation. I am NOT trying to  raise my flag, I am merely expressing my horror at a time when all the respectable media are cowered into embarrassed silence, while so much mudslinging is going on.

So much on facebook about Trump that horrifies me. I know I'm not a US citizen so what is it that has me so worried? Well. Politics, serving the people,  seem to lose out more and more to greedy faceless businessmen. It affects me as a European too, if big business buoys up a US presidential candidate who bullies the powerless, whom he dismisses as "losers". A man like that will deny responsibility for actions affecting people worldwide. Alright, Bush did that, too. I was worried about the Bush club, but he played the game without setting up the US population against itself. Which brings me to my second horror, a thing I see becoming a trend in my own country too: it worries me that political speeches turn into litanies of shamelessly blaming others. That great institute of parliament - from "parler", speaking- is changing into hurlement, a place where rude names are called and mud is slung. Where's the class, the art of debating, the defending of viewpoints based in fact? It's a trend of disrespect and lack of dignity. Bullying is not a basis for government, or democracy is lost.

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