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Fay Lovsky

> Born as Luyendijk in Leiden, 11 september 1955

> Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, graphic design, illustration, and animation.

> 1980 Homerecorded songs -on a revox taperecorder, "sound on sound" - released on punklabel Idiot records. Chooses artists’ name Lovsky from Czech/Austrian grandmother on mum’s side. (it’s a dog story)

> Two years pass. Album "Confetti" on 16 tracks! Lovsky receives Edison for this.

> Warner Bros (WEA) provide Idiot label with release facilities

> Lovsky surreptitiously records Christmas song "Christmas was a friend of mine", because WEA doesn't believe in Christmas. At least not in the Netherlands, where Sinterklaas on the 5th of december is the "gift-event".

> Christmassong becomes hit. Oops, says WEA.

> Lovsky gets to make big album. "Origami" , and later "Cinema"

> 1985. WEA chucks out all Dutch artists that sell under 10,000 copies. Including Lovsky.

> Fay starts writing music for commercials and tv. Does music for big video art project with Jaap Drupsteen; Gertrude Stein's "Three Plays" (ZDF, BBC Channel 4, channel 13) and several other commercial video presentations.

> 1986. Lovsky joins soundtrack orchestra "The Magnificent Seven" - ensemble founded by Henny Vrienten, playing TV tunes and film music (slightly tongue in cheek) selling out almost all theatres in Belgium and Netherlands.

> Big success. CD: "Best of the worst"

> 1991 M7 collapse under success

> Fay joins up with comixmaker Joost Swarte for CD/book "Jopo in Mono" Swarte's graphic work wins best Book Design Award.

> Writes song with Klaus Buhlert that strangely finds its way to Oliver Stone ("History repeats itself", in the film Natural Born Killers) Writes music for theatre productions (Rieks Swarte: Kleine Sofie & Lange Wapper, Hondje, Zusje Harmonika, and Beumer & Drost: Erik of het klein insektenboek - awarded as a youth theatreproduction of the year - De Radiomannetjes, Moord & Brand )

> Starts band to play live in cultural radioprogramme each week. Guitarist Cok van Vuuren will remain a longtime playing partner. Plays occasionally with Arthur Ebeling (see pic)

> Joins French band "Les Primitifs du Futur" founded by Dominique Cravic and underground artist Robert Crumb as a band between bands ( jazzmusettes, quasi twenties and thirties) Still playing today!

> 1994 Starts touring with "La Bande Dessinée"(Cok van Vuuren, GertJan Blom, Joost Belinfante, Louis Debij)

> 1995 Album of same name with Basta .

> 1997 Album "Numbers", new band (Cok van Vuuren, Rob Wijtman and Chris Grem)

> Works with Arling & Cameron on and off, as vocalist and thereminist

> 2000 Album "Eigen Weg" Joins Ukulélé Club de Paris,

> 2002 Album "Maze of Mirrors"

> 2004 Band collapses. Cok & Rob start "ocobar" collective with Rob's brother Bart.

> 2005 Music for 1928 silent movie "Le mystère de la Tour Eiffel" from Julien Duvivier, played live ( with Cok, Gert Jan, and Joost)
Finishes second in slalomrace. A real prize!

> 2006 Joins OMFO, project of Russian friend German Popov. Tours with Les Primitifs in USA. Writes music for animation film.

> Plays many instruments, even very weird ones like musical saw and theremin.

> Oh, and yes. Loves skiing...